I visited your shop recently and among other items, purchased your hamburger and hot dog buns. BEST I HAVE EVER HAD! Unfortunately, I live in Indiana and will not be able to buy them on a regular basis, but when I am in Rochester, I will certainly buy several packages to stock in my freezer.

Mary B.

Deanne B.

Thank you so much to Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe for doing such a fabulous job on the tasty treats at the Rochester Women "Women & Wine" wine tasting last night! Those gigantic shrimp were a tremendous hit!

Deanne B.

Excellent products, especially love the chicken grillers, the Hawaiian is one of my favorites.

Susan B.

We LOVE Ye Olde Butcher Shop! Always order the marinated pork ribeyes and travel from the Cities to get them! Thank you for always great service!

Sheri McCoy

Fantastic meat selection with great prices. The burgundy pepper marinated sirloins are a favorite of mine.

Sam M.

Try the Burgundy Steaks. I bought a couple because the butcher recommended it. The taste is wonderful and the meat is incredibly tender. I loaded up on several types of brats and the ones I tried were very good. I can't wait to try the Al Capone pork.

Kelly O.

Best Meat Ever :)

Nadine F.

Love good meat!

Sally A.

Just wanted you folks to know, we made the short ribs we bought from you the other day. I browned and seasoned them then gave them 15 minutes in the presssure cooker at 15 pounds pressure. They were fall off the bone tender!!! We will be back for more, THANK YOU !

W. Family