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Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe Testimonials

Fantastic visit as usual. They now carry Bores head meats and cheese, super happy about that! The quality of their food is second to none and the customer service is personable.
Sheri Woodbury

Great down to earth butcher shop. Friendly staff. Reminds me of the old days growing up. My favorite is the Ring Bologna good stuff. A must stop whenever you're in Rochester. I come all the way from Omaha NE. Worth it.
Mark Zieringer

The service over the phone right done to special ordering a small package to picking up my items was a wonderful experience. Great customer service and remember to support you local businesses. It's amazing when you shop local, the kind of service a person can get. The people here are knowledgeable even when you might not even know what questions to ask. Just a great experience!!
Brett Gustafson

I love this place! The butchers are very kind and always willing to help! The meat is always top notch and at a reasonable price. Fresh fish on the weekends means delicious salmon! Seasonal meat is a thing too, lots of delicious Christmas and new years roasts to get! Highly recommend!
Jim Fleenor

Love my local butcher shoppe!! We are never disappointed with the meat we get here. Always moist and flavorful and their customer service is dynamite! Long live Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe!!!
Kimberly Ness

Great service. Great meat!
Brad Trahan

In 5 years of shopping here, I have never had a bad experience. Good fresh cuts of meat, reasonably priced along with very friendly, knowledgeable butchers always ready with suggestions when you're not sure . Kudos to my favorite butcher, Tony, always smiling and helping. Great local family run business.
Michael Hayes

Literally every product I have bought from Ye Olde Butchershoppe has been outstanding. Highly recommend!
Joshua Harroun

The people were helpful. Meat was fresh.
Julie Swenson

Fantastic. Staff is great. Dan and Sam always more than willing to help. Meat is top quality. Special orders, no problem!
Bill Dunn

Wonderful staff and amazing variety. It's really no wonder why this place has stayed open in Rochester's cut throat market. (Disappointing they don't have weekly near expiration products though! Like a 50% off for a day or SOMETHING)
Gabriel Illovsky

When I need a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, I just call, ask to have it sectioned, and pick it up when needed. I am greeted with a smile and they remember my name and order without me telling them what it is. Service is excellent. Food products are excellent. Fresh meats and poultry served with a smile. All questions answered. I feel special every time I go there and leave knowing that I get the best products.
Cindy F.

The butcher shop meat is always great. I only get my bacon there as it is the meatiest I have found that I like and their fresh turkeys on the holidays are excellent. Some day I am going to try the turducken.

Great business the best meats
JC Korn

The butcher shop with superb food, and something for everyone.
Chris Larson

Excellent meats
Daniel Nash

Really good cuts of meat, also a selection of other items like cheese, meat sticks, and pickled goods. Price might be a little high but the quality makes up for that.
Tim Troxel

Expensive, a good butcher, but some things are only available frozen. That said the staff is great.
Jesse G.

Bought a Ribeye Steak, grilled for 7 minutes on each side at 350 degrees. Amazing, one of the best steaks we have had in a long time....
William Cutshall

Excellent meats--very reliable, nice staff
Lisa Lucier

Great place!
Rachel Stanton

this place is awesome
Charlie Geer

Love, love, love, this place!
Christopher Miers

Ryan Mihalak

Thank you so much to Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe for doing such a fabulous job on the tasty treats at the Rochester Women "Women & Wine" wine tasting last night! Those gigantic shrimp were a tremendous hit!
Deanne B.

Excellent products, especially love the chicken grillers, the Hawaiian is one of my favorites.
Susan B.

We LOVE Ye Olde Butcher Shop! Always order the marinated pork ribeyes and travel from the Cities to get them! Thank you for always great service!
Sheri McCoy

Fantastic meat selection with great prices. The burgundy pepper marinated sirloins are a favorite of mine.
Sam M.

Try the Burgundy Steaks. I bought a couple because the butcher recommended it. The taste is wonderful and the meat is incredibly tender. I loaded up on several types of brats and the ones I tried were very good. I can't wait to try the Al Capone pork.
Kelly O.

Best Meat Ever :)
Nadine F.

Love good meat!
Sally A.

Just wanted you folks to know, we made the short ribs we bought from you the other day. I browned and seasoned them then gave them 15 minutes in the presssure cooker at 15 pounds pressure. They were fall off the bone tender!!! We will be back for more, THANK YOU !
W. Family

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